Webinar: How Rapid Diagnostics Can Supercharge Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs


Bloodstream infections are a major cause of mortality and morbidity in hospitalized patients. Critical to improving time to effective antimicrobial therapy and clinical outcomes is the rapid identification of the causative pathogens. There are several molecular methods capable of rapidly identify microorganisms and associated resistance genes from positive blood cultures or directly from blood. Though many studies have shown the positive impact of molecular rapid diagnostic tests on patient outcomes, the greatest impact to patient care occurs when such a test is coupled with antimicrobial stewardship intervention.

This webinar will address the use of molecular rapid diagnostic tests for blood culture identification and the role of antimicrobial stewardship in the effective implementation and optimization of molecular rapid diagnostic tests in patients with bloodstream infections.


Featured Speaker

Eric Wenzler


Assistant Professor

University of Illinois at Chicago

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