Combining Rapid Multiplex Molecular BCID Testing with an Effective and Rapid Action Plan

Drive More Efficient Clinical Action by Streamlining the Interpretation of Test Results

When sepsis strikes, every hour counts.

Approximately 30-35% of cases of severe sepsis are fatal, exceeding the number of deaths from prostate cancer, breast cancer and AIDs combined [1]. The ePlex BCID Panels detect more of the organisms that cause sepsis and bloodstream infections that other molecular panels in about 1.5 hours from positive blood culture, saving more than 2 days in time to result compared to traditional methods. While this knowledge of the causative organism aids antimicrobial decision-making, bottlenecks in the patient care pathway can still exist as there can be challenges linking rapid diagnostics to a patient treatment action.

The ePlex system is a paradigm shift in molecular diagnostics that that can drive improved patient outcomes by linking rapid results to patient treatment action using the Templated Comments module. Templated Comments streamlines the interpretation of results, enabling users to create customizable conditions based on ePlex panel results. Including templated comments directly on the results report provides nurses, physicians, pharmacy and antimicrobial stewardship programs guidance on treatment options in an actionable timeframe.

Find out more about how ePlex delivers the only solution for rapid, comprehensive routine blood culture identification and clinical decision making for suspected sepsis patients!

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