Laboratory Information System (LIS) Reporting


ePlex improves order-to-report turnaround time, reduces labor costs, and eliminates potential transcription errors with industry leading bi-directional LIS capabilities. ePlex utilizes hospital standard messaging protocols allowing for broad compatibility across LIS providers.

Bi-directional LIS is one aspect of the unique Compliance and Data Management solution that ePlex offers your institution.  Benefits of our integrated solution include:

  • Automated result reporting eliminates transcription errors and ensures actionable results are returned to physicians as soon as possible
  • Configurable auto-validation and eSignature optimize workflow and improve lab efficiency
  • Reduction in pre- and post-analytical steps improve time to results and minimizes the risk of avoidable error

ePlex is the only sample-to-answer solution on the market today that offers true bi-directional LIS capability based on industry standards to optimize performance in your lab.


  • HL7
  • ASTM
  • CSV, XML, TXT (Non-Standard)


The True Sample-to-Answer Solution®



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